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Russian red dot sights, accessories and gear

Black list

These are customers who abused protection program and stole money and items:


Yevgeni Krotin

yevgenikrotin@gmail.com  on ebay kroti-us

437 Elm Crossing Ct

Ballwin, MO 63021, USA

Parcel delivered

Thief, lier and scammer:

Joshua Nold


Tel: +1 4049924381850

E. Leland Rd #19

Pittsburg, CA 94565, USA

Parcel delivered.

Thief and scammer:

Gannon Sauvage

gannonsauvage@icloud.com  on ebay gannosauvag_4

Tel: +1 7732946111

1920 S University Blvd, Apt 601a

Denver, CO 80210, USA

Parcel delivered.


Alexis Debacq


Tel: +33652700571

33 Rue Victor Piot, 08310 La Neuville En Tourne A Fuy, France

Parcel delivered.

Thief and scammer:

James F. Sellers

scuba29203@cox.nt  on ebay deepscuba

5528 S Monte Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73119-5452, USA

Parcel delivered.

Thief and scammer:

Duane M. Shoemaker

shoemakerduane@gmai.cm  on ebay duanshoemake-0

7627 SE Steele St, Portland, OR 97206-5257, USA

Parcel delivered. 

Thief and scammer:

Iain Powell

on ebay sammy123-64

17 Betony Close, Halewood, Liverpool, Merseyside, L26 7AL, UK

Parcel delivered.